GreatPropheciesGreat Prophecies of the Bible, by Ralph Woodrow

Great Prophecies looks at four critical end-times topics from a viewpoint that is little discussed today, but which was the dominant viewpoint prior to the explosion of futurism in the early 1800s. This view is called historicism, or sometimes the fulfilled prophecy interpretation, and takes the position that many of the key prophecies, such as the rise of the Antichrist, the Great Tribulation, and Daniel's 70th Week, have already been fulfilled. See the full review.

SecretRaptureThe Secret Rapture: Is It Scriptural? by Ralph Woodrow

This is a five-star book, from beginning to end. It's a small book — 49 pages of actual content — but it would be a challenge to find a single word the author doesn't need. In its pages, Ralph Woodrow challenges pretribulationism's secret, two-stage rapture position in one of the most clear, direct, and concise manners I've ever read. See full review.

UnderstandRevUnderstanding Revelation, by Robert Cook

Understanding Revelation is a self-published verse-by-verse commentary on this much misunderstood book of the Bible. Cook makes heavy use of history to interpret these prophecies, and in so doing, brings to light many details that may be helpful, especially to less-studied readers. See full review.

unsealedRevelation Unsealed, by Don Salerno

Revelation Unsealed is billed as a commentary on Revelation, but it's not your typical commentary. This extremely well-researched book, and to the date ofthis review, it is the only commentary on Revelation that is written from a classic prewrath perspective. See full review.

ArcturusArcturus: Star of the Second Coming, Daniel Speck

Arcturus has some interesting points and is worth at least a skim by those interested in the signs of the end times. The book s a little rough, but the author makes an interesting case for the explosion of the star Arcturus — the brightest star in our sky — as a supernova that lights up the sky as the sign of Christ's Second Coming and the catalyst for the terrible judgments that will occur during the trumpet and bowls judgments during the Day of the Lord. He uses current scientific research and explanations to make his case, and at least from a layman's perspective, it is an eye-opening possibility. See full review.

houseA House Divided, by Michael Johnson

In A House Divided, Michael Johnson's goal is to encourage believers to prepare for the persecution and trial they will endure if they enter the 70th Week. His position falls under the umbrella of "posttribulation/prewrath." Although his goal is worthy, Johnson uses very loose methods of biblical interpretation, rejecting traditional methods of exegesis and relying on apparent similarities and claims to divine inspiration to come to his conclusions. See full review.

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