Prewrath Books & Variants

There is an exploding number of titles on the market claiming to teach the prewrath rapture, but many hold to widely divergent views. This is Strong Tower Publishing's list-to-date of books teaching the classic prewrath position.

Prewrath Books

God's Elect and the Great Tribulation, Dr. Charles Cooper

The Sign, Robert Van Kampen

The Rapture Question Answered: Plain & Simple, Robert Van Kampen

The Prewrath Position Explained, Robert Van Kampen

The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church, Marvin Rosenthal

Before God's Wrath: The Bible's Answer to the Timing of the Rapture, H. L. Nigro

Who Will Be Left Behind and When? Dave Bussard

Prophecy's Architecture, Cameron Fultz

Revelation Unsealed, Don Salerno

The Day of the Lord, Roy Reinholds

The Flow of End-Time Events, Richard Suchy

The Parable of the Fig Tree, Ryan Habbena

The People of the Apocalypse, by Larry Wolfe

Daniel's 70th Week, by Nancy A Burgen (available at

Prewrath Variants

There are a variety of variants on the prewrath view, including posttrib-prewrath and various Revelation 14 rapture views. This views are often called "prewrath," since their proponents see the rapture occurring before the wrath of God, but their timing is different from the classic prewrath view, which sees the seals, trumpets, and bowls in consecutive order and places the rapture between the sixth and seventh seals. We will include these books as we run across them.

The Lamb of God and the Seven-Sealed Scroll (Revelation 14 rapture), by Dr. R. Gnanaharan

Rapture: Post-Tribulation and Pre-Wrath (seventh trumpet rapture), by Don Montgomery

Hidden Truths of Revelation (Revelation 14 rapture), by Adrian Marine

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