Recommended Rapture Reading

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More Views on the Classic Prewrath Position

The Rapture Question Answered: Plain & Simple. By Robert Van Kampen. One of the first prewrath defenses written that provides a concise, direct introduction to this view without getting into defenses against other positions. Examples of persecution against those who change their rapture views are a "must read" for all students of the rapture debate. This is an essential book for students of the prewrath position.

The PreWrath Rapture of the Church. By Marvin Rosenthal. The first book ever written under the name "prewrath." While the position has been refined since this 1990 writing, this remains the classic introduction to this view, with the reasons for this position outlined in broad strokes. Wonderful and "must read" introduction to this view.

Revelation Unsealed. By Donald Salerno. A systematic commentary on the book of Revelation from the prewrath perspective. A little "rough" in the packaging (self-published title), but full of great content. A much-needed addition to the growing library of commentary from the prewrath perspective.

Comparisons of Other Rapture Positions

Three Views on the Rapture. Three Trinity Evangelical Divinity School professors present their premil views on timing of the rapture - before, during, or after the 70th Wee. Paul D. Feinberg argues the pre-tribulation position. Gleason L. Archer presents the mid-tribulation position. Douglas J. Moo holds the post-tribulation view. Each view is followed by rebuttals from the other two views. Great overview of the classic defenses of each position, outlining their strengths and their limitations.

Four Views on the Book of Revelation. What are we to make of the Bible's rich apocalyptic imagery? How much of it is a historical account? How much is prophecy that is unfolding today or that has yet to unfold? How much illustrates timeless truths? Four views on the book of Revelation are presented, critiqued, and defended: preterist, idealist, and the classical dispensationalist and progressive dispensationalist forms of the futurist approach.

Revelation: Four Views - A Parallel Commentary. A side by side commentary detailing the four most common interpretations of Revelation today, including futurist, historicist, preterist, and spiritual (or idealist). Allows the student of the end times to compare views side by side, just like a parallel Bible. Extremely useful volume.

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