Proofing services are $2 per page, formatted to 250 words per page.

Proofing includes reading and correcting the manuscript for gross errors at the sentence level, limited to typos, errors in spelling, occasional punctuation, capitalization, and grammar (for example, subject-verb agreement). No alterations or suggestions relating to author's content or formatting will be made.

Proofing is intended as a final step for authors whose manuscripts are either previously edited or are professionally written. It is not intended to replace a copy edit or to fix systemic errors (for example, it covers fixing occasional punctuation errors, not re-punctuating an entire document).

Pricing can be determined by dividing the word count by 250 to determine the number of 250-word pages, then applying the appropriate fee schedule. Changes are made on hard copy or in the electronic document, whichever the author prefers. If the complexity of the document or the initial condition of the manuscript requires more than two reads (i.e. extensive grammatical errors, poor sentence structure, and so forth), additional reads may be recommended for an additional fee.

Free five-page sample provided.

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