Manuscript Evaluation

Strong Tower Publishing offers two levels of evaluations:

Top-level evaluation:

Strong Tower Publishing will skim your manuscript and provide an overall evaluation of organization, readability, and appropriateness for the publishing marketplace.

Up to 200 typed, double-spaced pages, $59.

For manuscripts 200 - 400 typed, double-spaced pages, $89.

For manuscripts larger than 400 pages, $109.

This step is highly recommended for new authors before submitting manuscripts for copy editing. An evaluation of this type will let you know if there are major structural or content issues with your manuscript upfront, before you spend the money for copy editing or start sending manuscripts to publishers. Top-level evaluations do not guarantee a read of every page of your manuscript (although sometimes we do), but enough of the manuscript to get an overall feel of the issues outlined above. For authors looking for a more detailed analysis of content and writing style, Strong Tower Publishing will read every page of your manuscript in the detailed evaluation .

Detailed evaluation:

A detailed evaluation will provide you with both the top-level analysis and a page-by-page discussion of more granular issues at the paragraph and sentence level. If a sentence doesn't make sense, we'll mark it. If your argument isn't flowing or a transition is awkward, we'll let you know. Where appropriate, we'll provide suggestions so that you, as the author, can go back and address these issues yourself.

This both helps authors learn the craft of writing and helps them to avoid greater costs, since you may be able to make many of the changes yourself, rather than paying an editor a rewriting or developmental editing fee to do it for you.. For authors submitting hard copy manuscripts, comments will be made in the margins.

For authors submitting electronic manuscripts, comments will be made in Word Tracking mode or in red text within the document itself.

For hard copy, cost is $2.00 per 250-word page, plus postage (if you want the manuscript returned).

For electronic files, cost is $2.00 per 250-word page, plus $10 for consumables (we print all manuscripts and read them in hard copy).

While nonfiction manuscripts can be evaluated on screen, fiction requires the author to mail a hard copy print-out for evaluation by our fiction editor. Our editor is a Ph.D. in English literature and can do either top-level evaluations or in-depth critiques (including plot and character), which like the nonfiction manuscripts, are priced at $2.00 per 250-word page.

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