Client Testimonials

"I just have to compliment you again on what a wonderful job you did on the rewrite of Chapter 4. Your work is the best I've ever seen! You would be the first one I point people toward. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants editing. I thank God for using you and your gifts for His glory." — Emily Edwards Ready and Waiting: A Biblical Approach to Dating

"Heidi was extremely professional and exacting in her work. We collaborated well and I felt as if she worked with me in such a way that my message was appropriately communicated and she did not approach the material with an agenda of her own. She was extremely easy to work with and I look forward to working with her on future projects." — Steve Villanueva, We Have Been Lied To: The Problem With Christian Belief and Unbelief

"I am unable to find the words to express my profound gratitude to you for your hard work and dedication to my project. I only hope this small token expresses my felling better than I ever could. Take care and I look forward to working with you on other projects." — Douglas Edwards, Ph.D., The Power of the Cross

"I can't thank you enough for your help. Your review was very insightful and brutally honest, which was exactly what I was looking for. Your insights and suggestions were invaluable. I appreciate that you took the time to evaluate the manuscript even though you were in your busy season of the year." — Jeffrey Horton, The Day of His Coming

"I can wholeheartedly recommend H. L.'s writing services, especially her developmental and editing services. She is a professional author herself and knows what publishers expect. She probably caused my book to be chosen by the publisher, who responded one week after submission rather than the usual eight or nine weeks. The bonus was that she has good spiritual insight as a seasoned follower of Christ, becoming my friend in the process." — Brother Larry Silver, Spiritual Identity, The Power of Oneness, Spiritual Breakfast

"My first thought after reading my book after it had been edited by H. L. Nigro was, "Wow! I did not know I could write so well!" She helped my book say what I wanted it to say, but now it says it better. She pruned and shaped it so it can now bring forth more fruit for God's glory." — William Frederick, The Coming Epiphany

"Working with Heidi has been an invaluable experience to enable me to expand my knowledge and improve my presentation. Her knowledge has been a blessing and she has made me an improved communicator." Michael Schall, Seven Seals: The Flow of Prophetic Events (Second Ed.)

"It has been a pleasure working with you over the last five years. I thank you for your patience, honest feedback, thoroughness, and professionalism. Your work always takes my manuscript and turns it into a masterpiece. I am a satisfied customer who will use your services again and again." — Jewell Powell Marriage, 101 Marriage 101 Workbook

"I'm deeply grateful for my editor, Ms. Heidi Nigro, for her insightful comments and edits. Her attention to detail, to facts, and to the theme of my writing made a remarkable contribution to the book. I'll be recommending her editing skills, as well as her Christ-centered perspective, to any prospective author." — Elias Yamane, Mephibosheth: A Covenant of Love

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