The Pretrib Challenge


The pretribulation rapture is a doctrine that was developed less than 200 years ago and, even top pretrib scholars agree, is based on upon inference and reading between the lines, not from clear, direct scriptural references.

The reason it cannot be found directly n the scriptures is that the scriptures teach something else, a timing that is clearly seen not just in the pages of the Bible but also in the writings of the early church fathers. That timing is that faithful believers will enter the 70th week (the time period many call "the Tribulation") and will see rise of the Antichrist and endure the Great Tribulation.

Thus, one's view of the rapture matters a great deal. If the Church is going to enter the 70th Week, then the issue of preparedness is much more important.

Are you ready?

How could God allow His children to endure such a time of trouble? It's important to remember that God is still a loving God and this is part of His plan, not just to refine and purify believers in preparation for the coming of the Messiah, but also to evangelize a lost an dying world.

For answers to questions like:

Why would God allow the Church to enter the 70th Week?

If the pretribulation rapture is false, why is it so popular in churches today?

What is the timing of the rapture?

How can I be sure?


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