The Pretrib Challenge


No such scripture exists.


If you said, "No one knows the hour or the day" or "the Son of Man comes at an hour you do not expect," remember that these comments came on the heels of a long list of very specific events and signs that Jesus, Himself, said would precede His return. His answer indicates that knowing the hour or the day and the element of surprise are not the same thing as a signless event. Furthermore, these comments referred back to His Matthew 24:30 coming, which is not pretribulational.

If you cited one of the many verses that Paul and the other New Testament writers give that exhibit a sense of expectancy for Jesus' return, once again, it is important to recognize that none of these statements requires an "any moment" event. In fact, just as Jesus' discourse in Matthew 24, the New Testament is filled with signs, prophesied events, and other indicators of the Second Coming.

Expectancy does not require Jesus' return to be signless. Many prophecy teachers have attached an "any moment" and "signless" meaning to these scriptures, but this is an interpretation that is not reflected in the truth of scripture.

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